Why are you looking for the Best Cam for chevy 305 to gear up your engine performance? This question will surely make you laugh.

It is because an engine is a part of the cars that need to be with horsepower for the faster movability of the vehicles. 

Otherwise, it will directly impact on the engine of your cars, and there is a probability that the speed performance of the vehicles can be questioned to a great extent. 

So, you can quickly clarify the necessity of keeping the camshafts on the engines of your cars. 

But now the crucial question is, how can you keep your engine rightfully compelling? We need to be sure about this fact.

If you want to maintain your engine powerfully and effectively, you should use the proper camshafts to do so. 

In that case, you will get many things in the market. Some of them will fulfil your needs, and some of them are not much capable of delivering quality perfectly. 

So, it can be difficult for you to get the right product to form the market. Here, with this article, we are going to assist you in this matter.

You know what? You should find the Best Cam for chevy 305 to boost the power of your engine. It can reduce your efforts and correctly boost your engine.

Our Selection of 10 Best Cam for chevy 305

Let’s be straightforward! So, you want to maintain a good engine for your Cars. Have a set of camshafts for your engine. 

But everything in a tight budget? This is not a daydream; you can maintain an expected quality camshaft by staying in a tight budget. 

Well, we have got a list of Best cam for chevy 305. This is not simply a list of worst quality camshafts, but all these CAMs are incredible in quality. No matter what are your requirements; they are ready to satisfy your engine needs. 

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1. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

One of the most beneficial and affordable Cam devices is COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam. Moreover, Thumpr camshafts are designed for sports cars, racing cars as well. 

Effective Performance 

COMP Thumpr camshafts come with the new intake opening valves that allow your engine to move in a horsepower mode. 

Besides, COMP features three different grinds that work for different performance functions that range from minimum compression builds to maximum compression engines in cars. 

Louder Sound

COMP developed the Thumpr that will give you deeper, bigger, and louder sound. 

Perfect Machining 

The Comp Cam has the specifications that are perfect and exact ones that you can depend on for long-lasting power deliverance. 

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 2,000-5,800

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 227/241

• Valve Lift: 465″.

• Lobe Separation Angle: 107

• Advertised Duration: 279/297


• Top End Power

• Good Sound and performance

• Affordable Prices

• Gnarly muscle car lope 


• Idle sounds rough

2.COMP Cams K12-601-4 Mutha’ Thumpr 235/249 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

The COMP Cams Mutha’ Thumpr is another beneficial cam product in the market. The powerful Comp’s function makes your engine in horsepower mode that you are expecting with very affordable price. 

High Performance

This Camshaft is designed with the new intake opening valve that drives your engine with a dominant performance. This Camshaft functions superbly especially with 2,500+ converter and gears to make your engine workable to the high end. 

Three Different Grinds

The COMP Cams K12-601-4 Mutha’ Thumpr comes with three different grinds for various performance applications that vary from minimum compression builds to maximum compression engines in cars with looser torque converters and lower gear ratios.

High RPM Operating Range

The operating range varies from 2,200 to 6,100 in its sweet spot that makes the engine more movable to the high end. 

Made In The USA

Another good thing is that this Camshaft is made In the USA, which is massive news for the customers from The USA. The material quality is reliable, sturdy, and durable as well. 

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 2,200 to 6,100  

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 235/249

• Valve Lift: .489″/.476″

• Lobe Separation Angle: 107

• Advertised Duration: 287/305

• Product weight: 21 pounds

• Brand: Comp Cams


• Top End Power

• Superb engine performance

• Affordable Prices

• Gnarly muscle car lope 

• Good RPM range


• Idle sounds rough

• Slightly heavy

03. Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft, Lifters, and Double Roller

The Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft comes with an inexpensive option if you want to interchange the Cam in an exceedingly Chevy with a 305 small-block engine. 

High Performance

Engine Pro Stage 2 Camshaft performs faster when it goes with 1,500+ converter and gears to make your engine workable to the high end. 

Moderate RPM Operating Range

The RPM operating range is slightly lower than any other camshafts in the market. However, It provides a moderate range of exceptional performance speeds.

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 1500 to 4000

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 204/214 

• Valve Lift: .420/.433

• Lobe Separation Angle: 107/117

• Package Dimensions: 24 x 6 x 6 inch

• Brand: Engine Pro


• Powerful

• Superb engine performance

• Affordable Price


• Idle sounds rough

• Slightly low RPM operating range

4. COMP Cams K12-238-2 Xtreme Energy 218/224 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

Another camshaft from the Comp Cams is available in the market. The extensive features attract the customers’ buying intention. 

High RPM Operating Range

This Camshaft comes with the high RPM Operating range that varies from 1,300-5,600. Moreover, this high RPM range allows your engine to give its best performance.

Made in the USA

It is one of the nicest camshafts that is made in the USA. The materials are reliable, sturdy, and durable as well. The workers from the USA rely on the quality product of the USA to a great extent.

Comes with ‘K’ kits

The Camshaft comes with the K kits that consist of Camshaft, assembly lubricant, valve springs, locks, valve seals, timing set, retainers, decals and instructions, a set of lifters.

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 1,300-5,600

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 218/2248

• Valve Lift: 0.462″/0.469″

• Lobe Separation Angle: 

110 Degree 

• Product Dimensions: 25.43 x 10.31 x 5.03 inches

• Brand: Comp Cams

• Model: K12-238-2

• Product Weight: 21.3 pounds


• Powerful engine kits

• High performance

• Affordable Price

• High RPM Operating range

• Good mid-range

• Noticeable idle

• Decent vacuum

• Rich Sound

• Versatile Performance


• Slightly Heavy

5. Engine Pro Stage 2 Torque Camshaft and Lifters Kit:

Another affordable and powerful camshaft from Engine Pro has entered the market for making your engine sturdy and more movable. 


The Engine Pro Stage 2 is ideal for all small block complicate engines which are designed with smooth tappet camshafts.

When it comes to pulling power of the engine, then the Engine Pro Camshaft and Lifters Kit could be the right choice to consider. 

High RPM Operating Range

The RPM range of this powerful Camshaft is 1500-4000 that allows the engine to move with the horsepower speed. 

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 1,500-4000

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 204/214 

• Valve Lift: .420/.433

• Lobe Separation Angle: 107/117

• Brand: Engine Pro


• Powerful

• Superb engine performance

• Affordable Price

• Versatile Power

• Improved Fuel Economy


• Slightly Heavy

6. Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

This Camshaft comes with the fantastic features that cross the customers’ heart. It is one of the best products from Lunati Brand.

Budget Conscious Power Production

This Camshaft is excellent for budget-minded Customers. The Lunati Bare Bones camshaft series provides an adequate horsepower that goes up without breaking the bank.

Made in the USA

This Camshaft has been from the USA. The material quality is amazingly durable and lasts for a more extended period. 

Modern Profile 

Thanks to an amazing lobe design, the Lunati Bare Bones line hugely goes up throttle response and advancement.

Mild bracket racing:

The top RPM power, excellent mid-range and noticeable idle make Lunati 10120102LK 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam ideal for mild-mannered racing.

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 2,000-6,000

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 224/234

• Valve Lift: 0.465″/0.488″

• Lobe Separation Angle: 112 degree

• Brand: Lunati

• Product weight: 13.17 pounds

• Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 26.2 x 3.1 inches

• Advertised Exhaust Duration: 300

• Advertised Intake Duration: 290

• Advertised Duration: 290 int./300 exh.


• Powerful

• Superb engine performance

• Affordable Price

• Versatile Power

• Improved Fuel Economy

• Noticeable idle

• Imported from the USA.

• Budget Friendly

• Good for street performance


• Slightly Heavy

• It is not stock renewal cam

7. COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum 224/224 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

The other most potent Camshaft from the famous and well-known brand COMP Cams. Let’s take a look at the top notch features of this cam.

Quality cam:

If you are looking for a quality cam for your small-block Chevy, then choosing the CL12-212-2 Hydraulic Flat Cam wouldn’t be a wrong choice.  The idle, 2500+stall and many different appliances make it ideal for street machines.

High RPM Operating Range

This Camshaft appears with the high RPM Operating range in the market that varies from 2,000-6,000. Moreover, this high RPM range allows your engine to give its best performance.

Made in the USA

Many people like the product that comes from the USA. This Camshaft is another product from The USA. 

Features We Like:

• RPM Operating Range: 2,000-6,000

• Duration at .050″ (INT/EXH): 230/230

• Valve Lift: 0.480″/0.480″

• Lobe Separation Angle: 110 degree

• Brand: Comp Cams

• Product weight: 13.4 ounces

• Product Dimensions: 26 x 5.5 x 3 inches


• Easy on valvetrain parts 

• Superb engine performance

• Affordable Price

• Great high RPM power

• Improved Fuel Economy

• Noticeable idle

• Imported from the USA.

• Budget Friendly


• It doesn’t work on a stock 350 engine

• This cam is not CARB legal

8. COMP Cams 12-238-2 Xtreme Energy 218/224 Hydraulic Flat Cam:

This might be a great product without forfeiting the drivability and comfort. After all, it showed a great result in street air-intake applications.

Hydraulic Flat Cam:

For those who are looking for a hydraulic flat tappet cam for Chevrolet small block, then perhaps choosing the COMP Cams 12-238-2 could be an ideal option. The superb response, remarkable idle and excellent mid-range makes this cam ideal for street carbureted machines.

Sound quality:

The COMP Cams 12-238-2 could be the first choice for those who are looking for a cam with excellent sound quality. This kit with idle loping sound is fitted to 305 chev cam that makes you very happy.

Power and performance:

The decent vacuum and useable power make the 218/224 hydraulic flat cam a high performing appliance out on the market.

When it comes to improved performance and power brakes, the decent vacuum power of this cam can increase the duration of the performance.

Excellent camshaft:

The COMP Cams 12-238-2 comes with excellent camshaft. It is made in the USA just like other related camshafts which are ideal for mid to mild engines. Besides, this cam is compatible with (Chevrolet GEN 1) Small Blocks, including:

  • 265
  • 267
  •  283
  • 302
  • 305
  • 307
  • 327
  • 350 and 400.


• The RPM power ranges from 1300 to 5600

• Duration at .050 (intake and exhaust): 218/224

• Valve Lift (intake and exhaust): .462/ .469

• Lobe life (intake and exhaust): .308/ .313

• Advertise duration (intake and exhaust): 262/ 270


• Decent price

• USA product

• Noticeable/ fair idle

• Great RPM power

• Street and performance usage.


• This is only for a small block Chevy

• It will not work in a LS application

• This cam is not for EFI

9. Camshaft & Lifters Kit compatible with Chevy small block 283 305 327 350 400 327/350HP RV cam 447/447 Lift L-79 OE #3863151:

Another Chevy engine product with great RPM and good mid-range power. The material solidity and consistency are at a superior level.

High RPM:

The Camshaft & Lifters Kit has noticeable idle with some surges. The high RPM (range from 1800-5800) makes this RV cam compatible with Chevy small block, including 283 305, 327, 350, and 400 engines.

Power and performance:

The 327ci/ 350 Horse Power (HP) of this kit makes you happy with its power and performance.

If you are looking for a cam that works excellent on power brakes, you can choose this model.

This USA made power cam is designed for hydraulic-camshaft and Elgin lifters.   


• Basic RPM Range: 1800-5800

• Duration (INT/EXH): 447/ 447

• Brand: Falcon Performance

• Manufacturer: Melling Camshaft and Elgin Lifters


• Reasonable price

• Replacement for all Chevy engines.

• Noticeable idle

• USA product

• Good price range


• No discount on this price.

10. CHEVY SBC 305 350 5.7L HP RV 447/447 LIFT CAM CAMSHAFT:

If we have the small Chevy engine with flat lever camshafts, then this would be the perfect option to be chosen. 


The chevy 5.7l hp RV 447/447 lift cam camshaft is designed for light pulling and RV use. Also, you will find this heavy-duty SBC cam is ideal for 283, 305, 327, 350, 383, and 400 engines.

Strong torque and mileage:

Like other products, this one comes with substantial torque and good mileage. The average ratio of torque is about 2400 to 3200 RPM.

Highly compatible:

This cam is highly compatible with both automatic and manual transmissions. Besides, it comes with a flat idle that makes it perfect for city driving.

Ideal for mild racing:

If someone is a drag racer, they can go for CHEVY SBC 305 350 5.7L HP RV 447/447 LIFT CAM, but it should be a mild racing.


• The RPM power ranges from 2000 to 4000

• The intake and exhaust valve lift power is .447

• Duration at .050″ (intake and exhaust): 222

• Advertised Duration: Intake:290 Exhaust: 290

• Transmission: both automatic and manual


• Low cost

• Heavy-duty performance

• Fair fuel economy

• Noticeable/ fair idle

• Great US product


• Not suitable for rough car users.

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying Cam For Chevy 305

As a smart customer, Out of the best cams for chevy 305 available in the market, you need to choose the right one for your engine that fits your all requirements like budget, features, and qualities.

Moreover, some criteria that you should evaluate while deciding to make a purchase of a camshaft for your engine. 

Besides, you will be making design preferences that have both negative and positive impacts on certain qualities of engine behavior, quality of the cars and capability when you choose one set over another.

Finally, you want to be careful about what you settle on when purchasing for the cams for chevy 305.

There are various options, even though not all of them meet the required quality/performance standards.

Read on to know what to consider when you are looking for the cams for chevy 305. 

1. Compatibility:

Before adding the product into your shopping Cart, You need to know the exact specifications of the product. 

The common thing that you might forget while shopping is the compatibility of the product. So, learn the best Camshaft that is more compatible with your engine. 

2. Durability:

This is the primary thing to consider when looking for Camshaft for your engines. Cam manufacturers are now upgrading by integrating compounds and technologies in their cam design and construction.

Make sure you check the components and their resistance to rust and cuts.

3. Material Longevity:

This is when you consider a cam that has a more prolonged material life expectancy. Looking at the manufacturer durable warranty is the best way to check the material longevity of a camshaft.

But be aware that the warranty shown is set by the producer and not tested in real life.

On the other hand, you would want to confirm the Uniform camshaft Quality Grading (UCQG) of the Cam on the sidewall.

By indicating the temperature resistance, traction, and material of the Cam, this provides you with an idea of how long the Cam will last.

4. Price:

All camshafts tend to come at a higher cost because they are specially manufactured for only the chevy 305.

But don’t be scared away from buying the best Camshaft on the grounds of a tight budget. The bottom line is that you don’t have to break the bank to get the best quality cam for your engines. 

5. Performance:

The most fundamental factor of the Camshaft you need to consider is to evaluate its performance quality. 

However, all better quality camshafts are designed for more exceptional performance more or less.

Out of them, you need to find out the product that will give you a better performance experience with your engine. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1: Does the variation of RPM range of Cam impact on the engine performance?

Answer: Yes, Indeed It does. The more RPM range the Cam has, the more powerful The engine is. RPM range is an excellent indicator of engine performance.

As a customer, you need to look for the Cam that has more RPM range that comes over the rest of the CAMs available in the market. 

Question 2: Does the Camshaft Durable and reliable?

Answer: A camshaft from the excellent quality brand lasts for a long time. More, you can count on the products without any doubt.

However, Selection of a good brand is a big question. If you can select the well-known brand for your Camshaft, It will be perfect for your engine that needs not to be changed frequently with Camshaft. 

Question 3: Is the Camshaft available in the market with affordable price?

Answer: There are various types of Camshafts available in the market. Some are budget-friendly while some are slightly expensive.

But you need to select the product that fits your budget and other requirements. 

Question 4: Are 305 and 350 blocks the same?

Answer: Both come from the same block. The only things like Bore and Pistons are different. However, they have the same strokes and other same features.

Moreover, the external castings are the same; on the other hand, the internal castings are different from each other.

305’s were mostly made in the late 70s and 80s while the 350 made in recent years. Also, both of them are interchangeable.

Question 5: What Is the Best Camshaft Brand? 

Answer: Based on what people are buying and what people are installing on their vehicles, these are the top brands to go with if you want the best Camshaft.

• Engine Pro

• Comp Cams

• Falcon

• Lunati 


There are other popular brands like

  • Crane Cams
  • Crower, Edelbrock
  • Erson cams
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts
  • GM Performance Parts
  • GReddy
  •  HKS
  •  Howards Cams
  •  Isky Racing Cams
  • Melling
  • Mopar Performance
  •  Sealed Power from Federal-Mogul, etc.

It depends on what features you want from your Camshafts. In the camshaft category, these are the top brands.

Final Words:

When you have big vehicles or trucks, the average-sized camshafts are not just sufficient for a powerful and effective performance of the engines on off roads.

Besides, you cannot just depend on the typical Camshaft in your engine if you need to go on off-road frequently because they can disrupt your journey at any time.

The best Cam for chevy 305 is considered as one of the popular choices when it comes to the camshafts in engines for toughness and additional durability on the off roads.

In other words, you have already made a wise decision if you finally choose this Camshaft for your engine.

But, hopefully, once you go through our review article regarding Best cam for chevy 305, chances are you would get your best that meets your needs.

Hence, if you ask which our favourite Camshaft is, then we would love to recommend you to go to the COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam.

However, if anyone asks what would be our budget-friendly Camshaft, then we would refer to choosing the COMP Cams K12-601-4 Mutha’ Thumpr 235/249 Hydraulic Flat Cam.

So, these are our best collections, according to our research and study.  

Thanks for staying with us until the end of this review guide. Have you experienced any of the Cam mentioned above? Or do you have any suggestions? If so, then please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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