The best sounding muffler for V8 truck is one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle. It controls the level of sound it emits from the engine through each chamber equipped within the muffler. Choosing the right muffler will give your vehicle a fantastic sound and improve performance and fuel economy.

There is a muffler designed to fit every model of your V8 trucks. In this review guide, we have gathered the top twelve mufflers that will never go wrong for your V8 trucks. To make selection easy, we have our buyer’s guide section with comprehensive information to follow.

 1. Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System

If you would not like to make any sort of compromises on the engine effectiveness, then this Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System is the perfect pick for you to invest in. It’s a combination of excellent build, the thoughtful structure of the pipes, and the matting technology. Your engine’s performance will surely attract some enhancements to this product.

What more can you get from this unit? It is equipped with the latest technology of fiberglass matting. This technology makes it possible to absorb unwanted internal resonance. Dynomax’ Dual Exhaust system improves turbulence by reducing backpressure to the barest minimum.

Besides, it helps refine the airflow; this is fine-tuning the sound quality of your ride. With its DynoMax Super Turbo, it comes with a guaranteed 700 volumetric rate of flow. And it is incorporated with durable flow tubes to reduce your Wrangler Jeep’s backpressure properly.

We can but mention the fact that this exhaust system comes with some natural customization properties. Besides, you’ll look to find out that it is pretty easy to install. The only snag here is that it tends to destroy after some years of usage.


Dual exhaust

Dynamic muffler technology

Easy to install

Stainless Steel finish

Mops up the interior resonance


Corrosive after years of use

Loud drone sound

2. TOTALFLOW 415402 Two-Chamber Universal Muffler

The best performing product always comes from the most reputable industry. The TOTAL FLOW has produced a variety of exhaust mufflers kits designed for different vehicle applications. All of these products ensure a distinct sound from the exhaust as you enjoy your ride.

This industry is committed to providing the market with the best performance products. Besides, most of their products are budget-friendly parts without sacrificing quality. For whatever you drive now and in the future, TOTAL FLOW will have the most advanced performance products.

We are not surprised to see that the TOTALFLOW 415402 offers excellent performance as with other models. It comes with a two-chamber design for improved exhaust performance. Besides, the universal muffler features 3 inches center in and 2. 50 inches dual out.

This unit boast of a durable build as it’s built with the 409 Stainless Steel. Besides, the fact that it is fully MIG welded tells more about how long it’ll serve the whole vehicle system. Although it’s a universal muffler, some modifications will still be needed when fitting it.


Delivers smooth and deep sound

Built with durable 409 stainless steel

Improves exhaust system


Requires modification

 3. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler

You’ll be wondering why the Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler made it to our top three. This system provides users with idle rumble. So deep that it’ll make you want to ride for a very long time without any thought of stopping.

After installing this in your vehicle, you would want to start your truck just to hear it. Put simply, the quality of construction is worth considering. Besides, you would love to have it installed in your vehicle as it neither too loud nor too quiet.

The overall weight of this unit makes it work like a beast. If you own a vehicle that comes with high horsepower, then this unit will correctly work for you as it’s designed to run effectively on such vehicles.

Let’s see what technology this unit is made of. The patented delta flow technology is such that it gives your overall bike system the ability to race as fast as possible. Combining all these factors, this system will make a perfect pick for the daily drivers who do not want something too aggressive.

This unit is a little different from many other mufflers as it does not blow out like many of them do. This is due to the fact that there is no internal packing of any such. Having this in place, you will continue to enjoy your ride more without any moment of frustration.


Works well with high horsepower vehicles

Interior resonance is moderate

No internal packing, thus blowout proof



Not loud enough with some vehicles

Surface rust color

 4. Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

We do not have much to say about the Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler. This product pretty much speaks for itself because it has never ceased to flourish and satisfy as many customers as possible. Originally founded in 1968, this brand emerged the market and became so popular that people gave it a nickname “cherry bombs.”

It comes with a legendary sound, the signature deep and mellow cherry bomb sound. It features a pretty simple design, thus ensuring minimum backpressure, resistance, and maximum effectiveness.

With its 3.37 pounds of maximum weight, anyone would assume that it comes with a tiny body. That’s not true; the body features a rather standard size that fits a wide variety of vehicles. And with a little improvement on the build, it can fit any vehicle at all.

It comes with very considerable horsepower, and we love to see that the header and fit styles are universal. That is to say that you won’t have to worry much about this product not fitting into your vehicles.

The cherry bomb red color will definitely make you so proud of its appearance and even performance. The finished look is also very durable, so don’t hesitate to go for it. The best part is that it’s meant for any type of vehicle.


Mellow cherry bomb sound

Universal size that can fit almost any vehicle

Durable due to the finishing

Easy to weld on

Looks stunning


Not the quietest

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 5. Thrush 17661 Welded Muffler

Thrush is a respectable brand that you can always vouch if you intend to buy a muffler for increasing your vehicle’s performance and aggressive sound. This muffler comes with a two-chamber design, which lets more air into the channel through the case. The design is what brings about that heavy sound while enhancing the performance dramatically.

The two-chamber design is compatible with V8 engines, but the Thrush 17661 welded muffler will also fit into V6 engines. You’ll love to see that installation this unit comes pretty easy that you expect. The good thing about its brushed stainless steel housing is that it helps resist corrosion compared to many other mufflers of the same price range.

The only downside with the Thrush 17661 is its rough performance, which is no different from most Thrush products. Besides, the sound produced is raw and loud. We have a consolation here knowing that it comes aluminized. This gives it excellent looks, but it’s prone to corrosion with time.


Increase throttle response

Chamfered design adds a deep low-end growl to the exhaust sound

installation is relatively easy


Aluminum muffler is more susceptible to rust

 6.MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler

The MagnaFlow 10416 is on the heavy side, which adds to the efficient sound control. When we say ‘sound control’, we don’t mean to say that sound is reduced totally mean reduction. Rather, it customizes the sound to bring about a more fine tuned production.

It comes with a unibody design that is made of stainless steel. This unit is somewhat long at 14 inches. In that case, see that your vehicle has enough space to hold that in.

Its inlet/outlet diameter is 2.5 inches. In spite of its maximum length and huge width, the mouths still come at a normal size. Although the exhaust flow may be unimpeded in virtually all applications, it may pose a difficulty for racing applications.

The product is built in the USA. The shiny construction has engraved the Company logo on it. And with the silver loom, the overall construction looks elegant.

All MagnaFlow devices are customized with widely opened designs. With that, users will get a deeper and more fine tuned tone rather than the harsh rasp. MagnaFlow 10416 is a unit that permits for both aesthetic performance and pleasure.

Although this unit is heavy, it’ll definitely last longer than a whole lot of mufflers in this review guide. Also, don’t forget to check if it perfectly fits your vehicle model since it’s quite a long unit.


The product is developed and manufactured in the USA.

It comes with stainless steel construction.

The muffler facilitates 2.5 inches exhaust system.

It has a length of 12 inches and a core of 2.5 inches.

The engraved logo gives the device an elegant look.


The device might be too long for many applications.

 7. Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler

The Flowmaster 71236 Exhaust Muffler is, no doubt, one of the most cost friendly products in this review guide. If you weight the intriguing features you’ll get with this unit against the cost, you’ll find the unit to be really worth considering. Let’s get down to what stuff this unit is really made of

The first thing that got our attention is its aggressive tone. Thanks to the unique two-chamber design. Due to the material this unit is made of, it will be sure to deliver unparalleled powerful performance.

The muffler is covered completely in a high temperature metallic finish. This shows how long this unit will serve you. The going about this unit is that it can stand the test of even hot weather conditions. The length is also a comfortable 19 inches for easy fit and improved performance.

The muffler cover comes with an engraved thrush logo that will always remind you of the brand. The 100% aluminized and the fully welded muffler is what you should consider for your V8 trucks.


Two chamber design provides a deep aggressive tone

High temperature metallic finish

Thrush logo embossed on muffler cover

Resistant to corrosion


Might rust over time

8. HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Steel Muffler

The HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Steel Muffler is another best option if you like to have a smooth and deep sound for your car. Along with this universal muffler, it comes with a removable silencer in case you want to make adjustments to suit your personal preference. As per the durability, this muffler won’t disappoint you due to the fact that it’s made up of T-304 steel.

I bet you’ll fall in love with the crackling effect and popping sound when the driver changes the gear. And with the adjustable silencer, you can choose to relax or keep silent in the car. It’s all within your capability to set the decibel limit you want.

We can’t but let you know that the installation can be a little challenging. We, therefore, recommend that you hire a professional to get this done. The only snag we have here is that the time interval or replacement is short.


Sound can be adjusted with the featured removable silencer

It offers a deep and smooth sound effect.

It is made up of T-304 Steel Hence durable.


Self-installation can be challenging.

 9. Borla 140085 Cat-Back Exhaust System

From premier manufacturer Borla, this system is made of beautiful stainless steel that is sure to impress. It produces a loud exhaust sound that will definitely get people’s attention.

The look is aggressive as well as the sound, which will make your Chevy Camaro remain at the top of the group of attractive sportscars. This system has multi-core and straight-through technology, which provides more horsepower and punch. The increased exhaust velocity also delivers more power and improves fuel economy as well.

Keep in mind that Borla designs and manufactures this exhaust system for sports cars, so it is more expensive than those designed for passenger cars and trucks. Some drivers would like the system to be louder, while others state that the instructions are not easy to understand.

Borla XR-1 Sportsman Racing Mufflers are engineered to provide excellent exhaust emission and internal power generation. These mufflers feature XR-1 Raceline Technology and are manufactured from T-304 stainless steel, which offers long-lasting durability. They are equipped with longer spikes ensuring maximum flow and power.

These mufflers provide brilliant fuel economy and increase horsepower efficiently. They are corrosion resistant and ensure easy installation.


Provides excellent exhaust emission

Increased internal power generation

Features XR-1 Raceline Technology

Made of durable T-304 stainless steel

Provides brilliant fuel economy

Gives increased horsepower

Installation is easy



10. Walker 22266 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

While looking for an excellent quality stainless steel mufflers, you will come across many brands and companies. But have you ever tried any of the Walker mufflers? The company boasts of mufflers that are made to last three times longer than their aluminized rivals.

One of the cool features of these mufflers is that they are resistant to corrosion. Another is the straightforward draining system. With that, you won’t have to worry much about any liquid penetrating in the muffler regardless of the environment.

The sound of this muffler resembles that of the best sound production mufflers of all time. Besides, it is designed in such a way that it easily reaches increased performance and better endurance. The muffler comes with a limited lifetime warranty and 90 days free guarantee.

This muffler is made of 100% stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. With this unit, the sound is better controlled. Thanks to the louvered tube technology as a replacement for the standard tube-shaped mufflers.


Corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Easy to install

Built to last

Lifetime warranty



 11. Thrush 17658 Welded Muffler

It is a 100% aluminized and fully-welded product offering high durability and wear. It is a powerpack muffler that can be suitable for all B8 trucks. Often it’s two-chamber design is such that brings about proper flow of air.

This brings about the optimum performance of the exhaust system and the overall vehicle system. To an extent, this muffler offers the same quality sound with equal loudness as with many leading brands in the market.

This is an economical category of mufflers, which is made up of high-temperature metallic finish, which is otherwise known as 304 polished stainless steel. The overall design is aesthetic and appealing.

It comes with a convenient 19 inches to easily fit into your exhaust system. You’ll find a thrush logo embossed on muffler cover. This will keep you always informed about the quality product you are using.


It offers an aggressive sound

It is made up of sturdy stainless steel.

Aesthetic and appealing design

Two-chamber design for best performance and good airflow


Durability can be improved.

 12. Single Chamber Performance Race Muffler

The single chamber performance race muffler is a brilliant product of the Colts industry. This is for all DIY’s as it comes as a pair, each of which uses the chambered technology to minimize backpressure in the exhaust system. This technology is responsible for the aggressive deep growl, which is not common with many stock mufflers.

This unit is made of corrosion-resistant and sturdy aluminized steel. That’s a testament that you can never go wrong with it in a moist condition. A whole lot of users described the sound effect as deep, low, and throaty. They added that they are really impressed with the overall performance considering the price.


Excellent value for money

Give a deep, low and throaty sound

Improves engine power efficiency

Made of quality aluminized steel


Not as durable as many others in the market

Professional attention is needed for installation

Buyer’s Guide


The core reason that vehicle owners typically purchase a new muffler is for sound reduction. Driving is no fun at all when the engine gives away to loud. We have two prominent types of muffler designs: the glass pack and the chamfered design.

The glass pack mufflers produce a loud and crackling sound while the chambered design mufflers tend to allow vehicles to rumble quietly.

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Another crucial factor you must consider is the build material. One of the most affected parts of the vehicle that suffers for it when a driver hits swamp areas, debris, and salt prone areas is the muffler. It is important to go for materials is more suitable for your driving location.

Aluminized steel is more prone to corrosion, so if you live in a salt prone environment, this is not the ideal muffler option. Choosing a stainless steel material will suffice.

Installation Kit

Regarding your collection, you can either consider a single device or the full package. If you have kits like brackets or flanges, then a standalone product should do. But you have to make sure that these accessories are compatible with the device.

On the other hand, if you don’t have those installation accessories, it’s advisable to buy the full kit. This will cut down the stress of having to run to the shop every time you need an accessory.

Exhaust Configuration

Another essential thing to consider when purchasing a muffler is the exhaust configuration. If your vehicle comes with a dual exhaust configuration, then you must buy two mufflers. It’s a single-pipe configuration; you’ll need to buy only one.


The mufflers are usually placed in a position that is exposed to dirt, mud, grimes, and debris. Thus, your muffler should be made of high-quality material.

Lightweight units help reduce the overall weight of the car, but maybe get damaged easily. Conversely, heavy-duty mufflers might add some weight to your vehicle. But they’ll last longer against dirt and debris.

Now, the one you pick goes down to your personal preference.


As we have seen, the best sounding muffler for V8 truck allows you to tune your vehicle’s exhaust system. Thus giving more sporting feel for a relatively comfortable ride. The mufflers reviewed above are such that help to reduce excessive engine noise.

Apart from that, the help in the smooth running of the engine to bring about a comfortable ride at all times. What’s, virtually all these mufflers are quite easy to install and replace when the need be. With these units, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get any of them.


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