One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the steering wheel. It is the major tool for directing the vehicle to its destination safely. However, a distance journey drive can either make your hand sweaty, hot or cold. These conditions could alter a smooth driving experience. That is the moment you would realize that driving itself is a big deal of work and the role a good steering plays while driving can never be overemphasized. From the safety point of view, the steering wheel ought to give you a good grip and assurance of a safe drive. That is, you should be able to have absolute control of the vehicle while you are in motion, which in turn, guarantees that the steering will not be slippery due to sweat, neither would it be too hot nor too cold in your palms as you drive. Your concern might be that your vehicle steering wheel is old and you want to give it a sort of facelift and to cover whatever dent on the steering wheel. Whatever the reason that you want to go for a steering wheel guard, the most important factor is that you must be comfortable while driving.

There are numerous steering wheel skins in the market; they vary in quality and design. As a result, finding the best steering wheel covers could be tricky. The task is not as cumbersome as you view it. Choosing the best steering wheel covers in the market involves some important factors that need to be considered before settling for the one that suits your taste and your vehicle. Such factors are the comfortability, right size, type of vehicle’s steering wheel, the grip design, material, and the cost. To make your choice easy, we have streamlined the list by highlighting 10 top quality steering wheel covers below.

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1. ChuLian New Diamond 15” Black Leather with Crystal Rhinestones Steering Wheel guard

We present to you the best-rated steering wheel covers on our list; the New Diamond Black Leather Crystal Rhinestones steering guard by ChuLian. This steering wheel skin has a feminine appeal because of the beautiful crystal rhinestones’ embroidery pattern craft on the leather; a design most ladies find fascinating. And it has a universal fit for steering wheels of 14.5 to 15 inches exterior diameter.

The steering-wheel wrapper has high-quality PU leather, while rhinestones crystals patterns enhanced the grip on the wheel. Another cool thing the rhinestones offer is that it gives a massaging effect on your palm while driving which eliminates all the driving fatigues in your hand. At the same time, the PU leather with soft padding is breathable; there is adequate air ventilation to keep your palms dry throughout the cruise period.

This steering-wheel wrapper is very lightweight and strong; it offers a long period of usage. Also, it comes in various colors, and installing the bling-bling ChuLian New Diamond steering guard is very easy. All you need to do is to place it in the sun and then slip the wheel guard over the steering wheel and then lower it from the sides to achieve a snug fit.  

2.  Microfiber 15” Universal Leather Car Steering Wheel guard By SEG Direct

From a personal experience, this is one out of many best steering wheel covers for the money you can get in the market today. It is very comfortable to the users while driving and offers a good grip and steering control to the driver. I have been using this SEG Direct Microfiber black leather steering-wheel guard in my car for almost a year now and the steering cover is still intact as if new.

The cover is made of durable leather and has a classy universal design, which works for almost all types of vehicles’ steering wheels. They come in three sizes, namely, small size (14‘’ – 14‘’ ¼); standard size (14” ½ – 15”); and the large size (15” ½ – 16”). So make sure you measure your steering-wheel to determine a suitable guard size. And if the measurement is confusing, you can provide the manufacturer with the model, brand and year of your vehicle. SEG Direct will provide you with an accurate cover size for your car’s steering wheel.

The cover features a breathable material that makes the grip more comfortable and performs well in hot and cold weather. The softness reduces fatigue and unlike most leather, after a long period of usage, it remains odorless.

3.  Valleycomfy Diamond Crystal Leather 15” Universal Steering Wheel skin

Looking for a steering-wheel guard that fits into every type of vehicle irrespective of the model and maker, which also adds a cute appeal to your vehicle dashboard. Be it  SUVs, trucks, Sports cars, Vans, or Saloon cars; then, the Valleycomfy steering wheel wrappers are the best steering wheel covers you should go for.

To begin with, a look at the design and the snug fit reveals that the diamond embroideries will not only enhance the beauty of your vehicle. These stones also massage your palm and thereby, relieve stresses in your palm and do not slip. The manufacturer has also ensured that this high-quality PU leather protects your steering-wheel year in year out. Also, the leather has a nice cushion effect and snug perfectly to the steering wheel.

According to the best steering wheel covers reviews, this valleycomfy diamond crystal leather 15 inches universal steering wheel wrap offers you the best value for money and it is also capable of offering you a long period of service. The installation is also easy; just follow the installation manual. Furthermore, the wheel wrap comes in 3 different sizes; namely, size S (14‘’ – 14‘’ ¼); size M (14” ½ – 15” ¼); and the size L (15” ½ – 16”).

4. BOKIN Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Skin with Viscose

One of the factors to consider while choosing the best steering wheel covers for your vehicle is that a steering-wheel skin should be suitable for both the warm and the cold climate. That is the major reason why we have shortlisted this Microfiber Leather and Viscose steering wheel wrap by BOKIN on our top-rated steering wheel covers.

Furthermore, if you are using a flat bottom or the type-D steering-wheel, you will find this Bokin microfiber steering wheel wrap as an asset. It is made of a soft padded microfiber leather with a side design made of ice silk viscose material to give a nice complimentary appeal to the cover. Besides, the silk also serves as a grip resistance and aids the absorption of fluids from the palm.

Thanks to the green rubber ring, the steering wheel wrapper is easy to install and holds the steering wheel tightly. Although it works for most vehicles, the steering guard comes only in a medium-size 14 ½ inches to 15 inches. Also, the synthetic leather is durable and odorless. This rubber is lined with high-quality silicone gel that makes your handling experience comfortable and gives you absolute control of the vehicle for a safer drive.

5.  Zadin Sunflower Women – Trendy Steering Wheel wrap with Free Gifts

With the thought of perfection and fashion in mind, the manufacturer of automobile accessories, Zadin came up with the sunflower design steering wheel guard for trendy women. They believe driving should not be dull and it should be comfortable as much as possible. The sunflower women trendy steering wheel wrap offers the best steering wheel covers for fashion and that is what most women love most in car interiors.

These women’s sunflower design steering-wheel wrap also has two complimentary gifts; a quarter key-ring and a car cup holder coaster to brighten up the car’s interior. However, the cute steering-wheel is not just about beauty; it also offers durability and it is comfortable to the driver.

The steering-wheel wrapper’s fabric material is a high-quality neoprene; a material whose chemical and physical properties make the steering wheel guard control the hotness and coldness of the steering wheel and also, makes it to absorbent effectively and resistant to wear. 

Another adorable feature is that the edge of the steering wheel guard is reinforced. And, to install on the wheel is not difficult. The neoprene fabric is stretchy material; a property that makes it fit perfectly with most steering-wheels. It is also washable.

6. Rueesh Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Guard

Protect your steering wheel with a classic and wear resistance steering-wheel guard. With the driver’s comfort in mind, the Rueesh Microfiber leather steering wheel protective wrapper should be your choice. We recognize this wheel skin among the best inexpensive steering wheel covers in the market.

Firstly, this classy and sturdy steering skin will give you a long period of use and also prevent your palms from blisters and sweat. This is because of its ability to absorb sweat and maintain a constant temperature during both the cold and warm weather. The fabric is made up of an eco-friendly microfiber leather that makes the steering wheel wrapper to give a soft feel while driving and ensures adequate control of the wheel.

Secondly, the steering wheel guard has a nice pattern designed at the sides of the cover which further boosts its skid resistance property.

The ease of installing this steering wheel skin is another worthy feature that should be mentioned here. The steering-wheel wrap is a universal 15 inches size steering wheel insulator that can fit most vehicles’ steering wheels perfectly whether you are driving a van or a bus or a saloon car.

7.  ANDALUS Sheep Wool Car Steering Wheel Wrap

Wool is the best when we consider the most appropriate fabric material to tackle sweating and cold conditions. It is good at keeping the body warm during cold and cool when the weather is hot. This unique property of the wool makes these Andalus car steering wheel guards that were made from authentic Australian sheep wool, the best steering wheel covers for any vehicle.

The thick soft wool and the fluffy-cushion effect keeps the palms stress free throughout the journey. The comfy design will give your vehicle interior a brand-new enhanced appearance. Besides, it comes in different colors you can choose to suit your taste.

All medium size steering wheels can wear this protective steering wheel skin and the inner layer is made of rubber. This rubber makes the steering-wheel wrap to grip firmly to the wheel and prevent it from slipping off while steering the vehicle.

The skin is also easy to install and you can remove for washing when it gets dirty. Many reviews emphasized the fact that this Andalus car steering wheel skin offers more value than its cost. No wonder, that the manufacturer gave a 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product.

8.  FH Modernistic 2-in-1 Vehicle Steering Wheel Wrap with Seat Belt Pads.

Enhance your vehicle’s interior with the new FH modernistic steering-wheel wrap that comes with a set of seat belt pads. The FH steering wheel skin serves as a great wrapper for your old or rough wheel; or if you simply need to add more luxury to the vehicle’s interior. This steering wheel guard is ideal for most SUV, Vans, Trucks, and Cars with 14 ½ inches to 15 ½ inches diameter measurement.

To ensure safe drive and protection of the palm, cloth fabric with an underlining rubber is the material used to produce the steering wheel wrap. The cloth fabric absorbs effectively and keeps the palm cool in both hot and cold weather conditions. It is gentle to touch and makes the grip more firm and comfortable; without much accumulation of fatigue on the driver’s arms after a long drive. The rubber molding makes the steering-wheel skin ensures a snug fit on the wheel.

By the way, the FH modernist vehicles steering wheel garment comes in many beautiful colors with a blend of black for all. Hence, you can choose a matching color for your vehicle’s dashboard. Also, there is a pair of easy to wash matching seat belt covers that accompany the steering-wheel skin.

9.  Black Panther 15 inches Universal Car Steering Wheel skin With Anti-Slip Design

Black is beautiful, especially when expertly combined with patterns of other colors. That is one of the baseline for including this Black Panther universal 15 inches steering-wheel wrap in the list of our best steering wheel covers. You will love the glamour that comes with installing one of these steering wheel guards in your vehicle.

They come in four different trendy styles. Namely, Three-hand pad, 3D honeycomb, contour grip, and wave patterns; choosing any of these beautiful designs will give you the most exciting experience of driving. Also, it offers great protection to your steering wheel from wear and tear. Likewise, while driving in a rough terrain or a long-distance trip, the surface insulates your palm from blisters and fatigue. 

The designer ensures that the steering wheel skin is smart in all ramifications. They are made of a high-quality and well-padded microfiber leather to give maximum comfort to the hand and with an absolute slip resistance surface. The inner layer is made of green rubber which snug perfectly on the steering wheel.

This Black Panther steering wheel wrap is suitable for mid-size steering wheels; the recommended dimension is 14 ½ to 15 inches. And the installation is very easy.

10. Achiou Auto Non-Slip Leather Car Steering Wheel Guard

This manufacturer, Achiou Auto has one aim; perfection in satisfying your needs. That is the reason for the constant development in each version of their products. The Achiou Nonslip leather steering-wheel guard is one of their latest products and you can trust that the product is high-quality and will give you a better driving experience.

The steering wheel garment is made of a well-detailed microfiber leather with faux mesh patterns sewed neatly on it to give you a soft yet slip resistance drive as you navigate rough terrains. It even makes a long-distance drive less stressful; because of the comfort, these blend of material offers.

As a result, the faux mesh pattern makes the steering skin design breathable and consequently, regulates the temperature; it does not get cold neither does it get hot. Also, it has a wear and tear-resistant property, a feature that the best steering wheel covers most possess. The inner rubber makes it fit tightly to the steering wheel.

The Achiou 15” steering wheel wrap is a middle-size universal steering wheel skin. And it comes in different colors combined with black; there are options of 2 colors and 4 colors to suit your taste.

Tips For Maintaining The Covers For Steering Wheels

It will be a waste of time and money if you obtain one of the best steering wheel covers for your vehicle but fail to provide adequate maintenance for it. The maintenance of your steering wheel guard starts from when you want to install it over the wheel. So, you must read the installation guide carefully. In this guide, it is likely to find the instructions on how to clean the steering-wheel wrappers so as not to cause damage to it. If there is none, simply contact the manufacture for the instructions.


By now, you would have realized that a good steering-wheel cover can make a huge impression while driving safety and comfort. The decision to buy a particular wheel wrap is not limited to only the size and price; all other factors are equally important. With this article, I hope you have been able to grab all the information you need to make you go for the best steering-wheel covers for your vehicles.


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