When it comes to increasing life and performance of your car, the power steering fluid plays a significant role. It is what that keeps things steady and streamlined on the road.

But is it possible to drive without power steering fluid?

If so, then how long can you drive without power steering fluid?

What is Power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid is referred to as hydraulic fluid that provides power to the steering system. In a word, it assists make the pressure that forces on another side of the rack-mounted piston of your vehicle, enabling you to rotate the wheels quickly.

Nowadays, most of the cars use power-assisted steering systems (PAS) for smooth steering.

How long can you drive without power steering fluid:

A power steering pump without steering fluid can cause pump failure in a couple of minutes only. Indeed, you cannot drive even the first hundred miles without power steering fluid.

The power steering pump without the fluid can overheat result in total failure of the system. Besides, the serpentine belt would also come off.

This will result in loss of water pump, A/C, and alternator as well. 

Effects of the drive without power steering fluid:

The consequences of driving without power steering fluid are including.

  • Wrecking the car
  • Losing power brakes
  • Damaging the pump
  • Overheating


Drive without power steering fluid means the failure of the power steering and later on the power slow down. However, it is not safe to drive without power steering fluid.

Finally, you may get the help of the nearest auto service station if your car has such problems. They will help you to fix the issues or tell you to take the necessary steps on how you can fix this problem.


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