The blind spot is that area around your car that you cannot see when at the driver’s seat.

Not noticed with your distant vision, neither in the inside & side is mentioned the blind spot because you are precisely blind to its existence.

A blind spot mirror is a tool that you can set up to the side mirror of the vehicle to increase the driver’s visibility on the road. Nevertheless, installing it on the wrong side can defeat its aim.

This implies that removing blind spot mirrors seems to be a bit challenging than merely getting rid of your vehicle without damaging the side mirror.

Some people like to use a razor blade while others prefer to use dental floss or fishing line. Today, we will try to reveal the step by step procedures “how to remove blind spot mirrors.”

How To Remove Blind Spot Mirrors?

Let’s see some methods and steps to remove blind spot mirrors.

Method 1 (Remove blind spot mirrors using floss):

What do you need?

  • Soft cloth
  • floss and
  • WD-40 or adhesive remover

Steps to follow: Removing blind spot mirror using floss

Step 1 (Take the floss):

  • Position the floss behind the blind spot mirror.
  • Take the floss and covering it with WD-40 or adhesive remover.

Step 2 (Position the floss):

  • Hold and position the floss at the back of the blind spot mirror.

Step 3 (Move to and fro the glue):

  • Move to and fro the glue applying the right and left motion till you find the other side.

Step 4 (Use spray-on side mirror):

  • Use a spray-on side mirror.
  • Clean the extra glue with a cloth or adhesive remover.

Method 2 (Remove blind spot mirrors using a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun):

What do you need?

  • Cloth
  • Dental floss or fishing line
  • WD-40 or adhesive remover
  • A heat gun or hairdryer

Steps to follow:

Step 1 (Take heating tool):

  • Take a heat gun or hairdryer.

Step 2 (Position the heat gun).

  • Position the heat gun about 3 to 5 inches away from the blind spot mirror
  • Use low heat to the mirror

Step 3 (Let the glue to become movable):

  • Allow the glue to become a little transferable.
  • Check this by striving to warp the joint to see if it will move.

Step 4 (Find some fishing line or floss):

  • Find some fishing line ad coat it with WD-40.
  • You can also use a wiper spray to do this job as well.

Step 5 (Grab the line):

  • Grab the floss or line, ensuring it is coiled around the hands compactly.
  • Glide the floss at the back of the blind spot mirror

Step 6 (gradually move the dental floss or line and remove the residue):

  • Slowly move the dental floss or line right and left till you find the glue.
  • Spray the windshield wiper solution and remove the residue.
  • If the residue is rigid, use WD-40 or adhesive remover once again.

Method 3 (Removing Blind Spot Mirrors Using Fishing Line):

What do you need?

  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Soft cloth
  • Water-displacement solution
  • WD-40

Steps to follow:

Step 1 (take a fishing line)

  • Take 10 to 12 inches fishing line
  • Use a water-displacement solution to spray on the outer part of the blind spot mirror

Step 2 (wrap the edges of the fishing line):

  • Use your hand to cover the sides of the fishing line securely.
  • Thus you will get a better hold and control.

Step 3 (Place the fishing line):

  • Now grab the fishing line.
  • Place it above the blind spot mirror.
  • Slowly moving the line back and forth until it has extended to the backside of the mirror.

Step 4 (Move the fishing line):

  • Move the fishing line continuously in the same way
  • If needed, spray the solution (water-displacement) more.

Step 5 (Pull the fishing line down):

  • Now pull the line carefully until you can remove the mirror easily

Step 6 (Remove the residue by using a cloth):

  • Remove the residue by using a cloth on the mirror
  • You can try in little circular motions to remove the residue thoroughly
  • Also, you can use WD-40 if the residue is hard to remove

Extra Tips: Remove Blind Spot Mirrors

  • While cutting through the glue, never be doubtful to use pressure. It is designed to stretch, and often it needs a bit pressure to cut through.
  • Do not use dryer or heat gun for too long on the plastic of the mirror
  • Spray right above the mirror as the glue becomes soft to break apart

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If you feel confused about how you can remove the blind spot mirror, this article is for you. You can follow any one of the methods mentioned above to do that job. We hope you will get the ways “how to remove blind spot mirrors” successfully and increase your view on the road.


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