Maximum drivers abandon to rotate the tires of their car. They know that treads wear down over time. Also, they know that worn treads lessen fuel efficiency and can ultimately show a safety risk.

Despite knowing these facts, millions of drivers only think about rotating at their automotive expert’s instruction. It is relatively easy, and below you will understand why rotating tires are essential and how to rotate tires properly.

Why Is Rotation Necessary?

Treads overcome, but it may wonder you to understand that those in the leading wear more immediately than those in the back. That is mainly literal for front-wheel-drive cars.

The reason this occurs is because of friction between the pavement and rubber. When it comes to driving the car, the resistance makes heat, which causes the treads to overcome.

So, they become less responsive, make more resistance, and need to change more frequently.

While rotating the tires, it minimizes the pressure made by friction on those settled on the front axle. Keep in mind, those in the front wear down immediately than those in the rear.

Exchange them allows you to lengthen the life of your tires as long as possible.

How to rotate tires properly:  The Right (And Wrong) Way

As mentioned above, you can do the rotation yourself with a torque wrench. However, it is significant to realize how to rotate tires properly.

The rule of thumb for most makes & models is to change rear and front tires without switching sides. That is, the traveler behind goes on the traveler front, not the front of the driver.

Many people make the error of rotating their tires in an “X” design. For instance, they will change the rear and front of the driver and passenger’s back and driver’s front.

They perform that considering that they are developing the tread wear more straightway. Indeed, they are possibly doing more damage than good because treads overcome based upon the suspension system & alignment of the car.

How to Rotate Your Tires: Simple Steps to follow

  1. Hold the parking brake.
  2. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts on the wheels.
  3. Use a car jack for lifting one wheel and set the jack stand below it.
  4. Remove the tires & rotate them by following the right pattern for the type of tires
  5. Now move down the car from the jack stands

That is it! Now point out the mileage while you rotated your tires and keep in mind to do so in another five thousand (5,000) miles.

Getting Your Hands Dirty:

Although rotating car wheels is an easy task, consider getting an automotive expert to do it. Provided that you need to have it performed accurately every 10,000 miles, it is a low maintenance job that is affordable and does not take enough time.

If you are merely invested in doing it yourself, get a robust jack. It is a dirty job, and there is some heavy lifting engaged. But you can save a few bucks and have the pleasure of understanding you solve it yourself.

However, if you feel still guilty about doing the job, then it is recommended to go for an expert mechanic. 


There you have the guide, “how to rotate tires properly.” At some point, all tires will wear out, but you can prolong life by using some unusual techniques.

Worldwide, service guide advice that tire rotation is one system of increasing the life of your tires.

You can perform the part to extend your car’s tire life & delay replacement by practicing the procedures mentioned above.

Not only will you enhance your tires’ life, but you will also feel secure in the information that your tires are ready to complete.


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