The ultimate source of electrical power in a car is a car battery.

The car manufacturers claim that there would not be any issues with the batteries whatsoever – but facts might not be that easy in the long drive.

The battery might get ruined, and if that is the case, then you must change it as soon as possible.

But the questions,

                           How to change a car battery?

Replacing a car battery is a bit complicated task, which is why we are going to help your along through the process. Let’s take a look at the step by step guide to change a car battery.

Step by step guide: how to change a car battery

Things you need:

  • A new car battery
  • Wire brush
  • Lithium grease
  • Baking soda paste
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Hand gloves

Steps to replace a car battery:

Step 1 (Disconnect all the electrical circuits):

  • Firstly, wear a pair of protective hand gloves before dealing with car batteries.
  • Disconnect all the nuts and e-circuits related to the car battery.  

Note: The car batteries come with a greenish like things. This is acidic at the same time corrosive stuff, which, if it comes in touch with your open hand, can cause severe damage like burns, etc.

Step 2 (Test the battery):

  • Now check the battery to ensure that it charges & discharges without any issues.
  • You may use a baking soda paste and a wire brush for getting rid of that greenish on the battery ends.

Step 3 (Change the battery if you think the charge is exhausted):

  • It would help if you replaced the battery when you find that the charge is exhausted.
  • Firstly, remove the connection from the positive end
  • Then try to do that at the negative end of the battery. Clean the car battery ends at that time. 

Step 4 (Remove the screws & bolts):

  • Hold down the battery towards its chamber or room.
  • Remove the screws & bolts related to the car.

Step 5 (Lift the battery from the chamber):

  • You may get help from someone and together when it comes to lifting the battery from the chamber.
  • Clean the battery chamber if you get something in that by using a wire brush & baking soda paste.

Note: Usually, the corrosive thing is found over that place, and you can clean it by using a baking soda paste.

Step 6 (Change the connections):

  • Now you can change the battery connections.
  • It would help if you began with the positive terminal.
  • Now spray the lithium grease over the connections after doing at both positive and negative ends.  

Step 7 (Insert the new battery):

  • Carefully take the new battery and position it in the dry battery tray.
  • Use a hold-down clamp to secure the battery in place.
  • Spray both the positive and negative terminals with a battery saver solution that obtainable at the car parts store.
  • Connect and tighten the positive wire first, followed by the negative cable.
  • Remove the hand gloves once you close the hood of your car.

Step 8 (Start your engine):

  • After opening the car door, take your position and activate the ignition.
  • You need to start up the engine immediately. If not, you may lose wire, or you may have another issue like a failed alternator.
  • Put the gloves back on once the car has started.
  • Carefully take the battery and recycle it.
  • Put your gears away and throw away any debris.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

 Question 1. How many amps is a car battery?

Answer: The maximum capacity of an average car battery is 48 Ah (amp hours). It implies that a battery with a full charge can deliver one amp for 48 hours, 2 amps for 24 hours and, 8 amps for 6 hours, etc.

Question 2. Is it dangerous to change a car battery?

Answer: Changing a car battery seems a bit risky. Corrosion and cracks from the old battery can cause serious battery acid leakage.

Also, the battery can still generate a charge, though the car is off, so you should remember that you are working with electricity.

Question 3. What do you need to change a car battery?

Answer: Let’s take a look at the tools you need to change a car battery.

  • An adjustable wrench
  • A socket wrench
  • A crescent wrench
  • Car battery wires

Question 4. What size wrench do I need to change a car battery?

Answer: You should choose a 10mm wrench to change a car battery because you will find maximum car battery wires have this size nut attached.


Batteries are essential for your car because it is necessary to provide power throughout the vehicle.

Because they are also used for a long time, you must look forward to changing the battery in your car for it to continue to drive.

If you need to change your car battery, you may follow the procedures mentioned above on “how to change a car battery.”


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